The Structure Sensor is different from many other 3D scanners in that it has a distinctive feature of attaching itself directly to your Apple tablet. This innovative solution adds precise 3D vision to your mobile device, enabling 3D scanning among other features. The users will only need to install an application on their iPads in order to connect it with the Structure Sensor 3D scanner. The only equipment you will need for the scanner to work is an iPad, and once you have downloaded the app Skanect Pro, it will start working instantly. The device can also be adapted for certain models of iPhone, and even a stand-alone option is also available.This scanner was developed by Occipital, a company based in San Francisco, USA.

The features of the Structure Sensor 3D scanner

Occipital describes this device as “pioneering and powerful”. But it is also incredibly easy to use. Structure Sensor brings the magic of 3D to every owner – be it a professional with technical background or a person who has never used a 3D scanner before. The newer version of this device is smaller than the last one, with the dimensions of 109mm x 18mm x 24mm, it weighs about 65 g. It is recommended to use it on a 0.3m to 5m scanning range. Some other features of the device include indoor mapping.

When used as a 3D scanner, the Occipital Structure Sensor allows you to capture dense geometry in real-time. This enables you to simulate real world physics and create high-fidelity 3D models with high-resolution textures in seconds. Equipped with a battery with a range of 4 hours, it has an accuracy of 0.5 mm and can scan objects at a distance ranging from 40cm to 3.5m.

The Structure Sensor was chosen was one of our Top 10 Low Cost 3D Scanners!