The HandySCAN BLACK is a fully portable 3D scanner from the Canadian brand Creaform. It uses laser triangulation technology. It has two versions, both specialized for the professional sector: the HandySCAN BLACK and HandySCAN BLACK Elite. This 3D scanner offers accurate, high resolution and repeatable results regardless of the quality of measurement configuration, environmental changes or part movement. Additionally, no user experience is required.

HandySCAN BLACK, a professional scanner

The HandySCAN BLACK is a high performance, metrology grade optical laser 3D scanner. It is automatically positioned by means of positioning targets. Accuracy of 0.025 mm and a scanning speed of 1.300.000 measurements/s can be achieved. Easy to handle, it is light and compact, weighs less than 1 kg and can be conveniently transported in its safety case.

You can use the manufacturer’s proprietary software called VXelements, it combines all the essential tools you need from data acquisition to CAD software, in a user-friendly, simplified and sleek working environment. This 3D scanner is also compatible with a wide range of other software. Including 3D Systems, InnovMetric Software,  Metrologic Group, New River Kinematics, Verisurf, Dassault Systèmes,  Siemens and Autodesk For help, Creaform’s centres are located all around the world to provide assistance to any needs or queries customers may have.