The Go!SCAN SPARK is a portable, professional and handheld 3D scanner from the Canada-based manufacturer, Creaform. This scanner is appropriate for many industries and applications, from CAD design, prototyping, tooling and much more.

A fast-device for professional applications

It has a resolution of 0.2 mm, an accuracy of 0.05 mm and can capture up to 1,500,000 points per second. Like its predecessors, this scanner uses structured light technology. Creaform claims that this device is user-friendly, plug & play, and portable to facilitate accurate scanning. One important feature is that it comes with proprietary software that includes scan-to-CAD and dimensional inspection modules to improve product development.

Leveraging Creaform’s fastest technology, the Go!SCAN SPARK can scan an object in a question of minutes and then integrate it into your preferred software. As mentioned you can use the manufacturer’s proprietary software called VXelements, but also compatible with a wide range of other software. Including 3D Systems, InnovMetric Software,  Metrologic Group, New River Kinematics, Verisurf, Dassault Systèmes,  Siemens and Autodesk For help, Creaform’s centres are located all around the world to provide assistance to any needs or queries customers may have.

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