The EinScan Pro + is a professional version of the EinScan series from Chinese manufacturer Shining3D, it has first presented to public in 2017. The EinScan Pro + has a video projector, two cameras and different scanning modes: fast scanning, free and free HD scanning, as well as automatic scanning. As a part of its additional package “the industrial pack”, the EinScan Pro + model includes a turntable to facilitate the process of automatically scanning the objects in less than 90 seconds, as well as a tripod.

The features of the 3D scanner EinScan Pro+

Compared to the EinScan-Pro, this more advanced Plus model has a larger scanning range and more rapid acquisition module for faster 3D capture. More precisely, EinScan Pro + has a 1.6 times greater scan range and 7.6 times the speed. This 3D scanner also boasts a new HD capture mode.

On the other hand, this handheld 3D scanner also offers some of the same advantages as its predecessor, such as, for instance, the weight properties – it is light and portable with a weight of only 0.8 kg (1.76 ‬lbs). Besides, several different configurations are available in order to offer the best 3D scanning speed to resolution ratio. The four 3D scan modes available include “handheld rapid scan”, “handheld HD scan”, “automatic scan” and “free scan”.

The user should be attentive when scanning objects that fall into “special” category, which includes transparent objects, highly reflective or some vey dark objects, in order to scan them well it is recommended to spray powder over the object before scanning it.