The Calibry is a manual 3D scanner that bets on being compact and high-speed. It was created to scan historically challenging objects.  The manufacturer behind this 3D scanner, Thor3D has offices in Germany and Russia and entered the 3D industry no later than 2015, quickly positioning itself within the professional scanners market.

Calibry, designed to scan large surfaces

The Calibry 3D scanner is specially designed for the capture of large surfaces, it has the potential of scanning whole cars. It uses the manufacturer’s new, patent-pending camera technology. It’s a 2.5 mp texture camera that can collect up to 3 million data points per second. The accuracy of the Calibry is 0.1 mm and has a resolution of 0.3 mm. It has a touch screen to keep track of the data collected by the scanner. In Europe it will have a price of 4,990€ and in North America of $5,790.