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HandySCAN 300

3.5/5 (53 votes)
HandySCAN 300 Price on demand
The HandySCAN 300 from Creaform 3D is designed specifically for reverse engineering and design.

Go!SCAN 50

3.6/5 (70 votes)
Go!SCAN 50 Price on demand
Creaform introduces the Go! SCAN 3D, a range of simple, portable 3D scanners that allows people…

Fuel 3D

Fuel 3D Technologies Ltd
3.4/5 (50 votes)
Fuel 3D Price on demand
Originally developed by a team at the University of Oxford for the medical imaging industry, the…


3.7/5 (55 votes)
HP SLS-3 Price on demand
The PRO SLS – 3 is a desktop 3D scanner made by HP. This scanner was…

Structure Sensor

3.6/5 (268 votes)
Structure Sensor Price on demand
The Structure Sensor is different from many other 3D scanners in that it has a distinctive…

EinScan Pro 2X Plus

3.4/5 (17 votes)
EinScan Pro 2X Plus From 5,000€
The EinScan Pro 2X Plus is a professional scanner, manufactured by the Chinese giant Shining 3D.…

XYZ scan

3.6/5 (104 votes)
XYZ scan Price on demand
The XYZ scanner is based on Intel’s RealSense technology. It is the first 3D scanner from…


Artec 3D
3.7/5 (62 votes)
Eva From 10,000€
This structured light 3D scanner is the optimal choice for making quick, accurate and textured 3D…
HandySCAN BLACK Price on demand
The HandySCAN BLACK is a fully portable 3D scanner from the Canadian brand Creaform. It uses…

Go!SCAN 20

3.7/5 (61 votes)
Go!SCAN 20 Price on demand
Creaform introduces the Go! SCAN 3D, a range of simple, portable 3D scanners that allows people…

Einscan SE

3.8/5 (33 votes)
Einscan SE From 1,000€
The EinScan-SE is a desktop 3D scanner produced by Shining 3D.This scanner is the successor to…

Peel 2

peel 3D
4.0/5 (13 votes)
Peel 2 From 5,000€
The peel 2 handheld professional scanner from peel 3d – a Canadian manufacturer, subsidiary of Creaform…
Focus3D X 330 Price on demand
The FARO Focus3D X 330 laser scanner has been specially designed for outdoor reading applications. With…

Geomagic Capture

3D Systems
3.3/5 (26 votes)
Geomagic Capture Price on demand
The Geomagic Capture is a professional 3D scanner from 3D Systems. It is a fixed scanner…

Matter and Form V2

Matter and Form
3.5/5 (90 votes)
Matter and Form V2 Price on demand
Matter and Form V2 is a desktop 3D scanner developed by the eponymous company and comes…


2.2/5 (3 votes)
Calibry Price on demand
The Calibry is a manual 3D scanner that bets on being compact and high-speed. It was…
Pro S2 3D Structured Light Scanner Price on demand
The DAVID Pro SLS-1 is a professional scanner that was developed by DAVID Laserscanner. It is…


Artec 3D
4.5/5 (13 votes)
Micro Price on demand
Metrology-grade industrial desktop 3D scanner with point accuracy of up to 10 microns. Artec Micro is…


Artec 3D
4.1/5 (28 votes)
Leo From 20,000€
Completely wireless workflow. A professional 3D scanner ahead of its time, giving you the easiest scanning…

3D Scanner 1.0 A

3.7/5 (277 votes)
3D Scanner 1.0 A Price on demand
XYZprinting offers two 3D scanners in its range, the 1.0 A and the 2.0 – they…


3.2/5 (74 votes)
Digitizer Price on demand
The Digitizer is the first 3D Scanner by Makerbot, a leading 3D printing company. It is a…


4.0/5 (12 votes)
Go!SCAN SPARK Price on demand
The Go!SCAN SPARK is a portable, professional and handheld 3D scanner from the Canada-based manufacturer, Creaform.…
HandySCAN 700 Price on demand
The HandySCAN 700 from Creaform 3D is designed specifically for reverse engineering and design.

Einscan Pro

3.4/5 (30 votes)
Einscan Pro Price on demand
The EinScan Pro is the professional version of the range of 3D scanners offered by the…

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