The Zmorph i500 is a high-performance 3D printer. The experts at the Polish company Zmorph developed this new device with an aim at efficiency, top performance and long lasting reliability. The device allows the production of massive parts or multiple objects on a single build plate with a large volume. Additionally, it integrates several control and safety features to offer quality print jobs and greater productivity. The zMorph i500 also makes it possible to create large prototypes, electronic enclosures, tools and jigs, and cases in only a single job. Moreover, the machine is also built with easily replaceable parts. This results in reduced operational costs and maximized uptime and productivity.

The i500 is designed for 3D printing with several different materials. Those include basic materials such as PLA, TPU and PET-G as well as technical materials PA, ABS+ and ASA. To ensure to keep costs low and iterate faster, the i500 only processes  3D printing materials that meet the highest expectations.

Additional features

The Zmorph i500 has a built-in camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a touchscreen, allowing users to easily control the printing process. In addition to that, the i500 is equipped with semi-automatic calibration technology, which makes it easy to operate and ensures satisfying results with each print. In terms of connection, the machine. Deliver files by the USB, send files remotely via Wi-Fi or Ethernet or use the Zmorph Hub. Another feature of the Zmorph i500 is use of an electrically locked door to ensure safety while it is in operation. Additionally, the Zmorph i500 is equipped with a filtration system for particles released during printing, significantly improving user experience in any working environment. It is also important to mention that the i500 is a dual extrusion machine, equipped with a Nozzle Lifting System and several sensors to ensure quality and reproducibility from one print to another.