The XiP is an ultra-fast resin desktop 3D printer developed by the manufacturer Nexa3D. The printer is one of the latest models designed by the American company. It is compact and offers a printing volume of 4.8 liters. The XiP is ideal for a number of applications including designing prototypes but also all kinds of parts for use in the engineering, education, medical and dental sectors. With an open materials platform that offers flexibility and easy access to materials, the mSLA XiP 3D printer supports a range of general purpose and elastomeric materials, as well as polypropylene and PEEK resins.

Features of the XiP 3D Printer

This desktop solution uses Nexa3D’s patented LSPc (lubricant sub-layer light curing) technology. Its printing speed can reach 18 cm per hour and its 4K LCD screen allows users to obtain uniform and detailed parts. It offers a layer thickness of 50 µm / 100 µm / 200 µm. Moreover, the printer has been designed to ensure that the user will be able to load and remove materials very quickly, even while the machine is running. Once the machine is inserted, the XiP automatically starts the resin verification checks using NFC technology.

Michael Currie, Vice President and General Manager of the Desktop Business Unit provided insight into the company’s goals during the announcement of this new 3D printer in late 2021, commenting, “We designed the XiP to fill a need in the market. The last thing this industry needs is another me-too desktop 3D printer, so we did something very different. Every aspect of the XiP was thought and rethought to heighten capabilities, increase productivity, and eliminate the pain points of other resins systems out there today. It’s a hugely exciting time for our team, and we can’t wait to hear what people are printing now that they can access industrial strength at desktop size.”