The SH105 3D printer is the entry-level model of Chinese manufacturer Winbo. It is a pre-assembled printer also available in 3-in-1 version (printer, laser engraving, laser cutting) and currently exists in 8 colours (red, orange, silver, green, blue, brown, black, and beige). The Winbo SH105 is distinguished by its ultra-light weight (3.6kg), its carrying handle and an easy grip.

On the performance side, the Winbo SH105 has a maximum print speed of 80mm / s and a minimum layer thickness of 40 microns. It has a flexible tray to create parts with a maximum volume of 105 x 105 x 150 cm from PLA filament (as well as PLA-based composites).

HERE see the Winbo SH105 3D printer test in the 3Dnatives Lab