The UP600 is a printer offered by Chinese manufacturer Tiertime, whose other offerings include the UP 300 and X5. Like the other printers in the range, it uses Melted Extrusion Modelling (MEM) technology, which is a type of extrusion similar to FDM. The UP600 is an industrial printer designed for large print jobs, with applications in engineering, prototyping, R&D, medical, prop manufacturing, and more.

Features of the UP600

The printer’s build size, 400 x 500 x 600 mm, is over double that of its predecessor the UP300, allowing the user to print pieces with a liquid volume of 120 liters (over 30 US gallons). Furthermore, the heated build chamber prevents warping (caused by plastic absorbing moisture in the air), ensuring high-quality parts with limited distortion. The UP600 can adapt the layer thickness according to need; if the part requires fine detail, the layers will be thin, but if speed is the priority, you can print with thicker layers. These ranges can be applied to a whole model or to a section of the model as required.

The printer is highly convenient for the user: the UP Studio software is available in 10 languages and the printer has filament runout detection. The 7inch intuitive touchscreen means you can follow the progress and detect issues at an early stage. Furthermore, the user can rest assured that you can print safely, due to the dual air filtration system which collects HEPA and activated carbon.