Chinese company UnionTech offers a wide range of professional, resin 3D printers. Among the various options available, the UOne uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. This desktop 3D printer is designed for dental clinics and small laboratories. It is equipped with the tools needed for a wide range of dental applications, and comes with a comprehensive selection of resin materials.

Characteristics of the UOne 3D Printer

The UOne DLP 3D printer measures 425 × 410 × 715 mm on the outside and weighs 23 kg. Though its build size, understandably for vat photopolymerization, is smaller at 143 x 80 x 80 mm. Despite its relatively low print volume, the UOne has a 2K resolution, guaranteeing high precision down to 56 microns for detailed end-use parts, critical in the industries it is targeting.

As well as being compatible with a wide variety of photopolymer resins, the UnionTech machine features a pixel size of 65 μm, is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system and the control software is the company’s exclusive UnionTech™ DSCON.