The Trumpf Group, headquartered in Ditzingen near Stuttgart, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of machine tools. The innovative company focuses on the development of 3D printers, among other things. Trumpf is the only manufacturer in the world to offer both Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) and Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) technologies in its 3D printer range. The TruPrint 2000 in particular is described by Trumpf as a highly productive, semi-automated 3D printing system, enabling users to achieve industrial volume production. Like the TruPrint 1000, TruPrint 3000 and TruPrint 5000, it is an optimal solution.

Features of the TruPrint 2000

With a laser beam diameter of 55 µm, it is possible to produce high-quality prints with excellent surface quality and detail. This is also reflected in its areas of application, such as the manufacture of medical parts: for example, in the manufacture of knee implants, additive manufacturing makes it possible to produce very fine grid structures and at the same time improve osseointegration. Trumpf’s technology also stands out for 3D printed tool inserts for injection molding. Thanks to the diameter of the jet, it improves the cooling of the injection tool while reducing the cycle time of gear manufacturing.