The TruLaser Cell 8030 model from Trumpf is considered to be a top-of-the-line machine in the field of high-end laser cutting systems for hot formed components. In this sense, the TruLaser Cell 8030 sets completely new standards for 3D cutting while also able to be configured quite flexibly to meet the customer’s requirements. In this particular regard, Trumpf offers complete freedom of choice between the large variant for cutting large parts and complete side parts or the smaller variant, which is ideal for producing individual parts and segments of body shells. The company is increasingly putting focus on greater productivity and cost-effectiveness for its machines – thanks to new and innovative developments, the customer receives even greater production reliability, and the introduction of options such as the Smart Approach or Dynamic Level 3, for example, means that cost-effectiveness can thus be easily increased.

The Features of the TruLaser Cell 8030

By using this model, unlike its predecessor, you can benefit from significantly higher acceleration, and also in combination with the TruDisk 2000, your power consumption and, consequently, parts costs are significantly reduced. Another feature of the laser from Trumpf is definitely the minimal non-productive time thanks to the optimized rotary changer, which is considered the fastest on the market. Because with a 20% shorter turning time of 1.8 seconds, the overall performance for each individual component also increases accordingly. This also applies to the enormously high robustness of the TruLaser Cell 8030, which is based on the experience of the largest installed base of 3D machines in the hotforming sector. With the TruLaser Cell 8030, you also have the option of improving dynamics, efficiency and productivity through a wide range of innovative options. Examples of these options include BrightLine Speed, ObserveLine Comfort, ObserveLine Professional or Smart Optics Setup.