Since the launch of its first 3D printer, the Titan 1, Kudo3D has specialized in designing and manufacturing particularly simple, but at the same time robust, durable and easy-to-clean printers. The result of this endeavor is the Titan 3 alongside the Micro and Bean Plus 3D printers. The Titan 3 shines above all through its ability to provide high industrial quality, as well as high precision with a long service life. Also, its automatic modification in the number of pixels takes Kudo3D’s Titan 3 to the next level: the user can choose between 25, 37, 50, 75 and 100 μm pixel size.

Features of the Titan 3

With its build volume of 48 x 27 x 250 mm, Kudo3D’s 3D printer weighs just 30 kg and also features automatic focus and zoom. Depending on which resin is used, the layer thickness is at least 5 μm. So if you’re looking for a 3D printer for dentistry, jewelry, or even engineering, this 3D printer is a great fit. If material compatibility is also important, this printer can be used with either Kudo3D’s own 3DSR resin or third-party resins. As for the resin container on the Titan 3 printer, you’ll find a large and small drum container for it here. With its VBT technology, a protective film is also applied to prevent sticking between the Teflon film and the carrier glass plate.