The T650 printer is the smallest FFF delta printer in the DESK series, designed by the Dutch manufacturer Tractus3D. Working with the FFF technology it is able to work with all industrial materials, excluding the high temperature. It supports materials like PLA, PRO1, PET-G, ABS, ASA, Facilan C8, TPU/TPE, Nylon, PC and Fillers like woodfill. 


The T650 – ideal for small prototyping


The Dutch 3D printer is ideal for sectors that are looking to quickly create functional parts while maintaining high quality. With the T650 you can still print medium sized models, but it’s just over 80 centimeters high with the filament roll and fits on every desks in any offices. With a maximum print height of 30 centimeters you can go all out in medium sized 3D printing. It offers a print volume of 165mm in diameter with a height of 300 mm and a minimum layer thickness of 0.01 mm.


A fast and accurate 3D printer


The Tractus3D T650 3D printer boasts a high printing speed of 300mm/s and a high accuracy of 10microns. They are perfect for 3D printing small objects extremely accurately and have a good temperature stability due to the fact that the 3D printers have a closed chamber, minimizing the possibility of warping.