The Hyrel System 30 M is a 3D printer from the American manufacturer Hyrel. It is characterized by its multi-material capacity with a series of interchangeable extruders. The 3D printer can effectively use up to 20 different extrusion heads with many advantages:

• Multi-heads: Hyrel System 30 is compatible with multiple materials: ABS, PLA but also ULTEM, PEEK, Clay, Modeling Clay, Sugru, Silicone RTV, Porcelain, Nylon …
• Closed enclosure: protected printing environment with dedicated storage space for the filament coil
• Robust: the structure of the printer is made with an aluminum profile and different metal parts
• High precision and state-of-the-art technology: Plug-and-Play electronics (GIB system)
• Scalable machine with many accessories and regular updates