In 2018, the manufacturer Arcam, a subsidiary of GE Additive, presented its Spectra H 3D printer to the 3D printing market. This printer joins an existing portfolio of printers such as the Arcam A2X, Spectra L and Q10plus. The Spectra H is an industrial 3D printer that uses metals as a material using EBM technology. The Spectra H particularly stands out as a 3D printer due to its high-temperature capability. What this means for you is that you can add crack-prone high-temperature materials to your production as well as include new alloys. Specifically, we are talking about temperatures of over 1,000 °C.

Features of the Spectra H 3D printer

With a total weight of around 2.915 kilograms and hardware dimensions of 1.328 x 2.344 x 2.858 mm, you can benefit from a maximum beam power of 6 kW. This promises a 100% increase in performance and as far as production speed is concerned, it increases by 50%. As for the size, the manufacturer specifies a dimension of 250 x 430 mm. Overall, this 3D printer, compared to those of the previous generation, has a 39% larger build volume. Also, what you should know about the Spectra H is that it has moving heat shields, which gives you improved temperature management. In addition, there is an automated system that gives the user more independence of operation, while ensuring optimal quality control.

When it comes to the powder used in the process, it is important to mention that the Spectra H is a closed loop system that helps maintain powder integrity. In addition, you can benefit from optimal part production, because the powder distribution system used in this process delivers uniform powder layers. As a user, you should also know that the Spectra H features Arcam EBM xQam™ technology, which is responsible for the highly accurate auto-calibration of the beam.