Italian manufacturer Sharebot has been making professional 3D printers since 2013. The Sharebot SnowWhite2 is part of this line. It uses selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology which works by sintering together particles of thermoplastic powder with a laser, layer by layer. The company also offers FDM solutions including the Creator 3 Pro, Guider 3 Plus and Creator HS as well as metal laser powder bed fusion 3D printer, metalONE.

SnowWhite2 is equipped with a CO2 laser that allows the use of a wide range of professional thermoplastic powders, such as PA 12, PA 11 and TPU, which give specific properties to manufactured objects. Additionally, this laser combined with a modified atmosphere printing chamber allows for the printing of both light and dark powders for a more faithful replication of industrial processes. It is also the first SLS multi-material 3D printer.

SnowWhite2 aims to bring the benefits of the sintering process to small and medium-sized enterprises and technical laboratories, not only economically, easily and efficiently, but also by maintaining a professional and high quality result. Notably, Sharebot notes that SnowWhite2 is the only SLS 3D printer to have been designed and built specifically for research and development. Indeed, the company prides itself on allowing users to start a job in only 15 minutes and build with only 300g of powder.