Launched in 2018 by Swiss manufacturer Sintratec, the S2 is a modular 3D printer designed for professional use. The machine uses SLS 3D printing and is intended to be flexible and capable of producing complex parts in series. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated into an office and designed to automate the production process to the maximum. Indeed, the Sintratec s2 is currently used by many big names in the industry, such as the car manufacturer Daimler Trucks & Buses.

Features of the Sintratec S2

The Sintratec S2 modular system consists of a 3D printer, a powder cart called the Material Core Unit (MCU), and a machine for easy removal of used powder called the Material Handling Station (MHS). Capable of designing parts from PA12 and TPE, the machine incorporates eight controlled heating zones for optimal printing processes. This sophisticated heating system gives SLS parts a high quality surface finish.

Sintratec’s all-in-one solution also minimizes downtime and ensures cost-effective operation. For example, it is possible to perform a material change in a short time and to quickly complete time-consuming cleaning processes. Another advantage is that the Sintratec S2 has automatic nesting software that optimizes the placement of parts in the available production volume, thus reducing printing time. This allows the user to produce many components in one go.