Developed by US-based Desktop Metal, the Shop System™ is a 3D metal printer ideal for use in machine shops. Based on binder injection technology, the manufacturer aims to offer more flexibility, functionality and added value. In addition, there is a Shop System Forust Edition model that is suitable for machining wood parts.

Features of the Shop System™ series

This series of desktop metal solutions includes the Shop System™, Shop System™+ and Shop System™ Pro 3D printers. They can also be customized to the maximum production size required by the customer. Thus, each of them will be available with a capacity of these sizes:

4L – maximum manufacturing volume of 350 x 222 x 50 mm.
8L – maximum production volume of 350 x 222 x 100 mm.
12L – maximum production volume 350 x 222 x 150 mm.
16L – maximum production volume 350 x 222 x 200 mm

With layer thicknesses ranging from 50 µm to 100 µm, the 50 µm – 100 µm Shop System™ produces parts with exceptional surface finish and resolution at scale. And with production rates of up to hundreds of parts per day, the 3D printer can produce parts up to 10 times faster than powder bed laser melting technologies.