Leading British manufacturer, Renishaw, is well-known when it comes to metal additive manufacturing solutions. With its flagship line, RenAM 500, the company offers professional, metal laser powder bed 3D printers to its customers, which then are used for a number of interesting applications. In fact, the company has been involved in any number of sectors including healthcare, aerospace, energy and automotive among others. Moreover, its metal 3D printers have been used by British Cycling in order to create a more optimized and efficient bike for use in competitions like the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. The RenAM 500S is just one of the three 3D printers that are offered.

Features of the RenAM 500S

If you have already heard of the RenAM500Q, rest assured that there is little that separates the two machines. In fact, they even have the same build volume. Instead, what separates these two printers is the fact that while the RenAM 500Q has four lasers, the RenAM 500S has only one (in fact the S stands for single). Additionally, it is also available in a Flex version which allows for more flexible powder removal. This is in contrast to the standard automatic powder removal that is the norm in the base model.

In addition, as you may expect, the model includes all the features that have propelled Renishaw machines to be so popular in the world of metal 3D printing. These include of course a superior gas flow system for more uniform processing conditions during printing, precision dynamic control thanks to the optical system which features dynamic focusing (enabling all lasers to precisely address the entire bed simultaneously), the ability to extract exceptional metallurgical performance (thanks notably to the intelligent gas flow and precision control), powder management capabilities and of course intelligent software including the ability to process monitoring data in near real-time through Renishaw’s InfiniAM software suite.