The ProX SLS 1600 from 3D Systems is a solution based on Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), therefore it works with powder plastics, and is particularly suitable for engineering-grade plastics such as Nylon. You will be able to produce tough, durable parts from a range of DuraForm ProX production-grade nylon materials that have been optimized, validated and tested to ensure quality, with uniform 3D mechanical properties on the ProX SLS 1600. You can also use industrial-grade, tough, nylon 11 materials.

The manufacturer explains that the ProX SLS 1600 provides faster build times than other SLS printers in its price point, high performance nesting and high density capability for a 25% larger build volume capacity, it delivers production quality parts in a fast and efficient process ensuring: high surface finish, highest resolution and edge definition, high accuracy and repeatability, and uniform part properties. The typical layer thickness is between 0.08 – 0.15 mm and the fill speed is 12.7mm/s; the outline speed is 5m/s. The ProXSLS 1600 has a one-year warranty, under 3D Systems purchase terms and conditions.

The types of applications suited for this 3D printing solution include 1) Impact and temperature resistant durable parts, 2) Covers, housings, enclosures and 3) Jigs and fixtures. You can use 3D sprint, the 3D Systems proprietary additive manufacturing software, which offers high-quality nesting, quality checks, repair options, and a print queue tool for efficient planning. Furthermore, the 3D Connect software offers a secure cloud-based connection to enable a high-quality service and quality assurance mid- and post-printing.