French manufacturer Prodways Tech is an expert in additive manufacturing and has developed several professional machines for different needs. For example, it addresses sectors such as dental with its specialized resin 3D printers like the ProMaker LD10. The company has also developed powder sintering solutions to meet industrial needs such as aerospace and automotive. Among them, we can mention the ProMaker P1000 X or even more recently, the ProMaker P1000 S.

Features of the ProMaker P1000 X 3D Printer

The ProMaker P1000 X 3D printer from Prodways Tech uses selective laser sintering (SLS®) technology and offers industrial capabilities for additive manufacturing prototyping and mass production of end-use parts. This versatile 3D printer meets the needs of a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, design and architecture. The ProMaker P1000X comes with validated parameters for all available materials (PA12, PA11, TPU and PP).

The printer allows for high productivity thanks to a volume of 32 liters and speed, it is possible to achieve up to two liters per hour with its fast printing. It integrates a very fine and precise laser as well as a thermal control system of grid with 24 points. Its printing volume is 300 x 300 x 360 mm for a weight of 750 kg. Finally, it is equipped with a camera to allow the follow-up in real time of the printing process.