Prodways is a 3D printer manufacturer based in France which specialises in industrial and professional printers. It has launched the ProMaker LD20 Dental Models, a 3D printer aimed at dental professionals. Following the success of the LD10 Dental Models printer, this new printer enables the design of a variety of applications and can be used to produce large quantities of parts quickly. It can be used for production of orthodontics and aligners.

Features of the ProMaker LD20 Dental Models

Capable of printing up to 55 dental arches in just one hour, this 3D printer uses Prodways’ own patented DLP Movinglight technology. Combining a resolution of 42µm and a very high dimensional accuracy on all 3 axes, the machine has a printing volume of 300 x 445 x 200 mm. This makes it ideal for the mass production of transparent alignment trays by thermoforming. Indeed, the machine aims to offer professionals a system that reduces manual work and improves returns on investment. Up to 10 times faster than market standards, the 3D printer is able to design parts with a surface that requires minimal finishing.

The ProMaker LD20 Dental Models offers 2 moving DLP® heads, making the speed up to 40% faster and offering incredibly high precision with no distortion. These heads also allow superior surface quality and a lower operating cost due to less wear-and-tear and less costly light LED source. This printer is ideal for those who want to produce industrial quantities of high-quality medical pieces.

ProMaker LD20 Dental Models is compatible with a range of their proprietary materials, including PLASTCure Cast 200,  PLASTCure Model 300, PLASTCure Cast 300 HD, PLASTCure Model 310, PLASTCure Model 320, PLASTCure ABS 3000, and more.