French manufacturer Prodways Tech is the creator of MOVINGLight® technology, a fast and accurate resin process for designing a wide variety of parts. It is particularly interesting for the dental sector because it allows the production of detailed parts at a high speed. To take advantage of this, Prodways Tech has developed a range of dental 3D printers, including the ProMaker LD10.

Features of the ProMaker LD10

The ProMaker LD10 is equipped with a mobile DLP head to polymerize large surfaces at high speeds. With a resolution of 42 microns and a print volume of 300 x 445 x 200 mm, it is for example able to print 48 dental arches in only an hour and 34 minutes! It is available with 3 interchangeable resin trays (different sizes available: 50 / 100 / 200 mm). The changeover is done quickly, facilitating the process of the user who can rely on a reliable industrial solution.  The tray of the ProMaker LD10 is also interchangeable – you can opt for a granite or perforated surface.

In terms of applications, the ProMaker LD10 is obviously focused on the dental sector. It is popular for the design of trays, drill guides, dental models and molds.