The Raise3D Pro3 Plus is a large format printer for professional and industrial use. With twice the printing volume of its 300x300x600mm smaller sibling (Pro3), this 3D printer will allow you to print very large parts.

Its Core XY chassis and reinforced Z-axis make the Raise3D Pro3 Plus a robust 3D printer. And the more robust and solid the printer, the better the visual quality. The Pro3 Plus is directly designed to be a high precision printer and to give you a clean and accurate result with every print. Its durability and resistance will allow you to print parts at high speeds. Making it is very useful for testing or prototyping.

Raise3D Pro3 Plus: The Extra-Large, High-Performance Printer

The Raise3D Pro3 Plus is a high-volume, high-performance 3D printer. Its excellent print quality will provide you with high quality visual results. You can print parts up to 605 mm in height and on a 300×300 mm surface in a single extrusion. When using double extrusion however, the plate area will be slightly limited to 255x300mm. This Raise3D Pro3 printer brings important new features and innovations compared to the Pro3.


The printer is fully functional and retains the advantages and strengths of the Pro3 printer. The program includes dual extrusion as standard on all Raise3D with direct drive technology. A new reinforced Z-axis for improved print quality. Its large print volume will allow you to print large parts.

An Integrated Ecosystem

The Raise3D Pro3 Plus printer is benefited by the Raise3D ecosystem. This includes the IdeaMaker slicer and a RaiseCloud management solution. IdeaMaker is a world-renowned slicer that incorporates many innovative features, such as texture management.
RaiseCloud adds management features for your 3D printer fleet. You will be able to optimize the use and management of your printers with this integrated solution. For greater efficiency, you can also manage your projects more flexibly with the Raise3D software suite.