SprintRay is a technology company founded in 2014, creating complete 3D printing solutions for the dental industry and laboratories. They take care of the design, manufacturing and consulting of their products, and are therefore able to offer complete additive manufacturing solutions that are both state-of-the-art and easy to use. The company’s 3D printing products originate from the dental community. It’s a collaboration between master designers, dental professionals and top engineers who work together with a single goal: to revolutionize dentistry by bringing affordable, easy in-office 3D manufacturing to every dental practice in the world.

Pro 55S features

The Pro 55S 3D printer is designed to enhance the productivity of any dental practice, thanks to its DLP technology. It’s designed to be easy to get to grips with, so you can optimize your workflow. This is due to its user-friendly software and self-checking hardware, which complement each other to deliver an optimal overall experience. This printer also features fast print speeds and a large print area, enabling you to work with high part volumes. Compared to previous models, improvements in factory calibration and a new glass projection lens significantly enhance accuracy and repeatability. This new lens is an all-glass design that improves uniformity across the entire printing plate. Add to this new advanced near-field tracking technology that enables the Pro 55S to automatically track the life of each resin tank, so you can get the most out of your media, and the Pro 55S’s new sensor network monitors everything from tank life to reminders to clean the platen between prints. Not to mention the wide variety of materials available for this 3D printer to meet the needs of all users.