The PRO 4K series from the manufacturer Asiga includes three solutions for 3D resin printing, all based on the DLP process. The main difference between the models is the print volume and pixel resolution. So there is the PRO 4K45, the PRO 4K65 and the PRO 4K80 – we will focus on the first solution.

The PRO 4K45 offers a print volume of 122 x 69 x 200 mm, which is more spacious than Asiga’s MAX range. With a resolution of 45 microns, very fine details can be produced, making the solution optimal for a variety of industries such as dentistry, jewelry or audiology.

The PRO 4K65, the next one of the series, has a slightly larger volume at 176 × 99 × 200mm (6.94 × 3.9 × 7.87 inches). It has a pixel size of 46µm. Finally, the PRO 4K80 has volume 217 × 122 × 200mm (8.54 × 4.8 × 7.87 inches) and a pixel size of 56µm.

The features of the PRO 4K series

The PRO 4K series of 3D resin printers are all equipped with Asiga SPS technology, which allows better positioning of the printing plate, guaranteeing the best positioning and quality. Thanks to an internal radiometer, the machine can provide real-time information about the performance of the LEDs and adjust the curing time if necessary.

The user does not have to manually calibrate the PRO 4k’s plate every time the resin is changed; this is done automatically. With the Composer software, you can select the placement of parts on the plate, specify the print media, and access advanced settings for your application.

Another benefit of choosing the PRO 4K is the open materials system, allowing the user complete freedom to choose their third party material according to the application. The Asiga Composer software comes included, with lifetime updates which continually improve the printing process for users. What’s more, the printers all come with 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support from Asiga.