The Australian manufacturer Asiga is specialized in the development of professional and industrial 3D resin printers. Its range of machines now caters to sectors such as medical – and more specifically dental – jewelry and audiology. Thanks to a DLP process, they can design parts with very high levels of detail, all quickly and reliably. One of these solutions is called the PRO 4K XL and as the name suggests, it is Asiga’s largest resin 3D printer.

Features of the PRO 4K XL

Just like the PRO 4K, this machine is available in three different versions: PRO 4K45 XL, PRO 4K65 XL and PRO 4K80 XL. They are distinguished by the volume of printing proposed as well as by the size of the pixel, from 45 to 80 microns. The technical specifications below correspond to the PRO 4K45 XL model. It is capable of designing parts up to 122 × 69 × 400 mm, with an LED wavelength of 385nm. The machine is based on the DLP process, i.e. a light-curing technology in which a video projector is used to harden the liquid resin.

As for materials, all Asiga 3D printers are compatible with more than 500 resins. The PRO 4K XL is indeed an open machine, which expands the range of possibilities in terms of applications. Thus, you will be able to use resins that can be casted, standard or technical, depending on the project to be realized – this range of choice means you won’t need multiple printers for different projects.

The Pro 4K XL printer comes with unlimited lifetime technical support and the Asiga Composer software has an intuitive interface with unlimited installs and all future software updates. It also has a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rest assured that you are covered in case of any issues or concerns.