Established in 2015, Anycubic has become known worldwide as an established researcher, vendor, service provider, and manufacturer of 3D printers, offering a wide range of FDM and photopolymer 3D printers that address a variety of industries and applications, including the Photon Mono X2 discussed here. The company has proven its success through its expansion into markets around the world, used by 3D printing hobbyists and industry professionals alike and is now one of the most popular 3D printer brands on the market.

Features of the Photon Mono X2

The Photon Mono X2 is a desktop MSLA resin 3D printer in the company’s Mono line of resin 3D printers. It lists a host of improvements from the previous Mono X model, and is capable of printing at larger volumes with a 3.8% larger build area than its predecessor at 200 x 196 x 122 mm. The printer also features an energy-efficient 4K+ LCD screen, laser etched aluminum build plate and a construction of dual linear guides and a POM clearance meant to keep printer vibration under control and prevent visible layer lines.

The large build volume and speed make it the ideal solution from hobbyists to the medical industry, and many more applications in between. Like the others in the line, the printer is available for sale as a single unit, or in combination with its AirPure and washing and curing stations for a total ranging from $429 to $717.