Founded in 2015, Anycubic has become one of the most popular 3D printer brands on the market, with about 300 employees in Shenzhen, China. The manufacturer has unveiled the Photon M3 Plus, which uses stereolithography technology. If you’re a fan of additive manufacturing, or use the technology in your business, the company offers 3D printers that address a variety of industries and applications.

Features of the Photon M3 Plus

Anycubic’s Photon M3 Plus 3D printer uses resin as the material for its machine. It contains a tank that integrates a scale marking to facilitate dosing. Its 5-inch touch screen allows you to manage the printing of models, which can have as volume 24.5 x 19.7 x 12.2 cm. With these dimensions, the Photon M3 Plus allows the production of larger parts compared to its competitors on the market. In terms of size of the printer, it measures 47.5 x 36 x 29 cm for a weight of about 12 kg. Moreover, the machine is capable of printing 10 cm/hour, which allows for fast and accurate constructions with a 6K resolution. Anycubic has also provided the option of automatic fill and stop. Thanks to the Anycubic Cloud, files can be transferred and printed with a simple click.