The 3D printer Pharaoh XD 20 from the Latvian company Mass Portal has a dual material extruder and prints, thanks to the Delta integrated technology, faster, quieter and with less vibration than comparable conventional 3D printers. The XD 20 is equipped with full metal print heads and replaceable brass nozzles. Each print head has two heating elements that allow efficient and reliable printing of filaments up to 300°C at high printing speeds of up to 300 mm/s. The linear guide guarantees smooth and precise movements and allows variable cutting resolutions of 0.01-0.6 mm. The Pharao XD 20 can be equipped with nozzles from 0.1 to 0.8 mm and can be adapted to the respective materials and printing requirements.

The distance between the print head and the printing bed is measured permanently by the automatic calibration system and readjusted if necessary. In this way, the inclinations of the printing bed are compensated. The glass pressure plate that can be heated up to 120°C allows for very good adhesion when printing with ABS and other plastics.

The closed space guarantees a constant ambient temperature for the pressure, which minimises or completely eliminates the deformation of the objects. At the same time, the printer has removable and transparent doors and side panels, which provide excellent visibility and access to printing. The supplied software can be adjusted to a wide range of materials and surfaces.