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Photon Mono X 6Ks From 499€
Anycubic was established in 2015 in Shenzen, China, and has since become known worldwide as an established…
Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition Price on demand
The Fortus 380mc CF Edition 3D printer sets new standards for speed, performance and accuracy –…

Arclan P1200-4X

Arclan P1200-4X Price on demand
Based in Vizcaya, Addilan is a Basque company dedicated to metal additive manufacturing. Its machines uses…

Pam Series M

Pollen AM
3.6/5 (9 votes)
Pam Series M From 10,000€
Pollen AM are a French company dedicated to tackling the additive manufacturing sector. The company was…


FM300 Price on demand
UnionTech is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the development of resin machines. Since 2000, the company…

Duplicator 7 Plus

3.2/5 (22 votes)
Duplicator 7 Plus From 2,000€
The Duplicator 7 Plus 3D printer is part of the resin machine range developed by the…

ProJet MJP 2500/2500 Plus

3D Systems
3.6/5 (53 votes)
ProJet MJP 2500/2500 Plus From 100,000€
The ProJet MJP 2500 and MJP 2500 Plus models are the most affordable 3D Systems printers…
LulzBot Mini From 2,000€
The Lulzbot Mini is a 3D printer made by American manufacturer Lulzbot, a subsidiary of Aleph…


Panther 3D
2.3/5 (10 votes)
Panther From 500€
The 3D Panther from Panther 3D is a Plug & Play printer that can print using…

Nobel 1.0

3.7/5 (15 votes)
Nobel 1.0 From 2,000€
The Nobel 1.0 printer is part of the XYZprinting manufacturer’s SLA 3D printer lineup. It offers…


T1250 Price on demand
T1250   The T1250 printer is the biggest FFF delta printer in the DESK series, designed…

Kiwi 3D

4.3/5 (3 votes)
Kiwi 3D From 2,000€
Capable of printing 100 micron layers, the Kiwi 3D is available as a kit or already…

Witbox Go!

3.6/5 (50 votes)
Witbox Go! From 499€
The 3D Witbox Go! is designed to bring the technologies of additive manufacturing to the people.…

Select Mini V2

3.7/5 (102 votes)
Select Mini V2 From 499€
The Select Mini V2 is the smallest 3D printer that American retailer Monoprice sell. Its heating…
From 2,000€
The CoLiDo Compact printer is the best choice for 3D printer educational and home use. Its…


4.1/5 (26 votes)
DOUBLE P255 Price on demand
The 3DGence DOUBLE P255, is a 3D printer developed by the Polish manufacturer 3DGence, and it…

Selective Laser Melting Machine SLM 125

SLM Solutions
3.4/5 (26 votes)
From 2,000€
The Selective Laser Melting Machine SLM 125 offers a build envelope of 125 x 125 x 125…

Ultimaker 3 Extended

3.9/5 (122 votes)
Ultimaker 3 Extended From 2,000€
The Ultimaker 3 Extended is the large format version of the third generation of Ultimaker 3D…

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