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4.4/5 (8 votes)
S600D Price on demand
Located in the south-west of France, Lynxter was founded in 2016. The company designs and builds…

3D Pen

3.0/5 (101 votes)
3D Pen From 499€
The 3D Pen is a 3D printing pen produced by Myriwell. The pen distinguishes itself from…

CoLiDo 2.0 +

From 2,000€
CoLiDo 2.0 + achieved a level of productivity and efficiency that place as the strongest and…
Price on demand
Professional 3D printer model of FDM A2 technology from the Italian company 3ntr, with 3 nozzles…

Disco Ultimate

4.0/5 (78 votes)
Disco Ultimate From 2,000€
The Dagoma Disco Ultimate is the latest 3D printer from the French manufacturer Dagoma, unveiled in…

Nobel Superfine

4.1/5 (9 votes)
Nobel Superfine From 500€
Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting have released the Nobel Superfine 3D printer, which is aimed at…


From 2,000€
T850P The T850P 3D printer is the best high temperature FFF delta printer in the PRO…


4.4/5 (50 votes)
CoLiDo DIY From 499€
The CoLiDo DIY is a modular desktop 3D printer made by CoLido, a manufacturer based in…


4.7/5 (3 votes)
F900 Price on demand
The Stratasys F900 is specially designed for manufacturing and industry. As such, it has been designed…

ALBA 300

4.8/5 (2 votes)
ALBA 300 Price on demand
Samylabs’ newest solution, the ALBA 300 3D printer, is designed to work in both industrial and…

DigitalWax 029J Plus

Digital Wax Systems
2.9/5 (13 votes)
DigitalWax 029J Plus From 500€
The DigitalWax-J printers are dedicated to jewelry making and are equipped with the “BluEdge laser” technology,…

Mono Mendel

2.5/5 (16 votes)
Mono Mendel From 500€
The Mono Mendel 3D printer from RepRapPro is a kit printer that can print up to…
CeraFab Multi 2M30 Price on demand
CerFab Multi 2M30 comes from Lithoz, an Austrian manufacturer of 3D printers and materials with a…

Bukobot 8 V2 Duo Kit

2.7/5 (9 votes)
Bukobot 8 V2 Duo Kit From 500€
The Bukobot 8 V2 Duo Kit from Deezmaker is a kit printer that can print with…

Hephestos 2

3.6/5 (94 votes)
Hephestos 2 From 499€
The Hephestos 2 is BQ‘s second DIY 3D printer from the Prusa i3, is one of…

ProJet 460 Couleurs

3D Systems
3.4/5 (22 votes)
ProJet 460 Couleurs From 50,000€
ProJet® 460 Color Printers are the benchmark for color printers. They offer both speed of execution,…

RapidBot 2.0

3.6/5 (41 votes)
RapidBot 2.0 From 499€
MakerMendel’s 3D RapidBot 2.0 printer is a kit printer that can print up to 200 micron…

Onyx Pro

3.8/5 (19 votes)
Onyx Pro Price on demand
The Markforged Onyx range makes it possible to manufacture carbon fiber parts, a material known for…

PartPro 100 xP

PartPro 100 xP Price on demand
Founded in 2013, the Asian company XYZprinting has been setting standards in desktop and professional 3D…

Quantum X

Quantum X Price on demand
Nanoscribe, a German-based company located in Karlsruhe, specializes in manufacturing advanced 3D printers. These printers usecutting-edge…

Da Vinci miniMaker

3.1/5 (15 votes)
Da Vinci miniMaker From 2,000€
The Da Vinci miniMaker  is the Asian brand’s 3D printer for the education sector. It was launched…

HT 45

Dynamical 3D
2.8/5 (2 votes)
HT 45 From 25,000€
The HT45 3D printer, from the Spanish manufacturer Dynamical 3D, has been discontinued, so it is…

Da Vinci Jr. 1.0

3.5/5 (247 votes)
Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 From 500€
The Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 is an entry level 3D printer by the brand XYZprinting. Its…

DMP70 Series

3D MicroPrint GmbH
4.0/5 (1 votes)
DMP70 Series From 250,000€
The portfolio of 3D printing manufacturer 3D MicroPrint GmbH includes the DMP60 series (consisting of the…

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