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Sumpod Mega

3.4/5 (55 votes)
Sumpod Mega From 2,500€
The Sumpod Mega 3D printer is a Plug & Play printer that can print up to…


3.6/5 (59 votes)
Mojo Price on demand
The Mojo 3D printer is part of the Stratasys Idea Series. It offers an Affordable and…

Pharaoh XD 20

4.0/5 (4 votes)
Pharaoh XD 20 From 2,000€
The 3D printer Pharaoh XD 20 from the Latvian company Mass Portal has a dual material…

ProJet 360

3.7/5 (29 votes)
ProJet 360 From 500€
ProJet® 360 printers extend the dimension and offer the highest accuracy of professional 3D printers for…

ProJet 7000

3.6/5 (13 votes)
ProJet 7000 From 500€
The Crossover 7000 3D printers are part of the family of professional SLA stereolithography machines, which…

Jet Fusion 4210

4.0/5 (13 votes)
Jet Fusion 4210 Price on demand
The HP Jet Fusion 4210 3D printer is a machine manufactured by the manufacturer HP, also…


4.3/5 (7 votes)
XM200 From 1,500€
Xact Metal is an American 3D printing startup setup in 2017 to enter the metal 3D…

Raise3D N2 Plus

3.6/5 (159 votes)
Raise3D N2 Plus From 500€
The Raise3D N2 Dual Plus printer is the follow up to the N2 Dual from the…

Witbox 2

3.5/5 (70 votes)
Witbox 2 From 1,500€
The Witbox 2 3D printer is the second generation of 3D printers from the Spanish manufacturer…

Willybot 1.3

2.4/5 (12 votes)
Willybot 1.3 From 500€
The Willybot 1.3 3D printer from Backho White Tiger is a kit printer that is capable…

Nobel Superfine

4.3/5 (7 votes)
Nobel Superfine From 500€
Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting have released the Nobel Superfine 3D printer, which is aimed at…

Composer A3

From 2,500€
Anisoprint is a Russian manufacturer of professional 3D printers that develops FDM/FFF machines. Its 3D printer…

Arcam A2X

2.7/5 (18 votes)
Arcam A2X From 1,500€
The Arcam A2X is a metal 3D printer designed to process titanium alloys as well as…


Price on demand
T650 The T650 printer is the smallest FFF delta printer in the DESK series, designed by…

Da Vinci miniMaker

3.2/5 (13 votes)
Da Vinci miniMaker From 2,500€
The Da Vinci miniMaker  is the Asian brand’s 3D printer for the education sector. It was launched…

B9 Core 550

3.4/5 (20 votes)
B9 Core 550 From 500€
The new Core range from B9Creations, which includes the B9 Core 530 and B9 Core 550…


3.4/5 (8 votes)
Robox Price on demand
The CEL Robox is an FDM printer that creates small, high-quality objects. It is very accessible…

miniFactory 3 Education edition

2.7/5 (10 votes)
miniFactory 3 Education edition From 1,500€
Delivered with a 2-year warranty, the miniFactory 3 Education edition is a Plug & Play printer…

Creatr Simple Extrudeuse

2.9/5 (84 votes)
Creatr Simple Extrudeuse From 1,000€
The entry model from the brand Leapfrog. The printer is available in two versions, single or…


AconityMIDI+ From 2,000€
Aconity3D GmbH is a German manufacturer of metal 3D printers, based in Aachen, the birthplace of laser…

Trumpf TruPrint 1000

3.4/5 (20 votes)
Trumpf TruPrint 1000 From 1,500€
Trumpf’s 3D printing systems are helping to shape the future of additive manufacturing. Trumpf is the…

Jet Fusion 3200

4.0/5 (27 votes)
Jet Fusion 3200 Price on demand
Jet Fusion is the proprietary additive manufacturing technology with which HP has burst into the world…

Freeform Pico Plus33

2.3/5 (10 votes)
Freeform Pico Plus33 From 5,000€
Using Pico technology, this machine is solid and reliable at an unbeatable prices.They offer high quality…


2.4/5 (8 votes)
Panther From 500€
The 3D Panther from Panther 3D is a Plug & Play printer that can print using…

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