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3.4/5 (295 votes)
Micro Price on demand
The Micro-3D is a personal 3D printer, delivered in a plug & play version, with an…

RenAM 500Q

3.5/5 (33 votes)
RenAM 500Q From 250,000€
RenAM 500Q is Renishaw’s multi-laser additive manufacturing system. It features four, 500 W lasers, each able…

DLP Station 5

3.8/5 (4 votes)
DLP Station 5 From 2,000€
The DLP Station 5 printer uses Digital Light Processing technology as its name suggests and incorporates…

Objet260 Connex3

3.7/5 (11 votes)
Objet260 Connex3 Price on demand
The Objet260 Connex3 creates colorful prototypes with a variety of multi-material components, from rigid, elastic to…

DigitalWax 030X

Digital Wax Systems
2.7/5 (24 votes)
DigitalWax 030X Price on demand
The DigitalWax-X printers are dedicated to industrial applications and are equipped with “BluEdge laser” technology to…

DigitalWax 029J

Digital Wax Systems
2.6/5 (10 votes)
DigitalWax 029J From 500€
The DigitalWax-J printers are dedicated to jewelry making and are equipped with the “BluEdge laser” technology,…


From 2,000€
Beeverycreative is a Portuguese manufacturer specialising in the development of desktop 3d printers. From its first…


3.4/5 (11 votes)
X-ONE 2 From 2,000€
QIDI Tech is a Chinese 3D printer manufacturer that has developed a range of desktop FDM…

ProJet 460 Couleurs

3D Systems
3.5/5 (21 votes)
ProJet 460 Couleurs From 50,000€
ProJet® 460 Color Printers are the benchmark for color printers. They offer both speed of execution,…

Jet Fusion 580

3.7/5 (75 votes)
Jet Fusion 580 Price on demand
The HP Jet Fusion 580 printer uses the proprietary technology of the American manufacturer, called Multi…

Argo 500

4.4/5 (11 votes)
Argo 500 From 2,000€
The Argo 500 printer is a professional FDM machine that is compatible with a wide range…

DigitalWax 028D

Digital Wax Systems
2.5/5 (8 votes)
DigitalWax 028D From 500€
DigitalWax-D printers, which are dedicated to dental applications, are equipped with “BluEdge laser” technology to polymerize…
Price on demand
The Fortus 380mc CF Edition 3D printer sets new standards for speed, performance and accuracy –…

Ultimaker 3 Extended

3.9/5 (122 votes)
Ultimaker 3 Extended From 500€
The Ultimaker 3 Extended is the large format version of the third generation of Ultimaker 3D…

Ilios Kit

Open Source Romote Control
2.2/5 (27 votes)
Ilios Kit From 2,000€
The 3D printer Ilios Kit is a kit printer based on stereolithography technology and can print…

LENS 450

3.5/5 (7 votes)
LENS 450 From 2,000€
Optomec is an American 3D printing and additive manufacturing printer manufacturer based in New Mexico, USA.…

Renishaw AM 400

3.3/5 (12 votes)
Renishaw AM 400 From 250,000€
British 3D Printer manufacturer Renishaw have released the AM 400, the latest development to their AM250…

Moso MT

4.5/5 (3 votes)
Moso MT Price on demand
Moso MT is a desktop 3D printer that uses FDM technology. It is an easy-to-use printer…


FX20 Price on demand
Founded in 2013 in Massachusetts, the American company Markforged is known for developing and designing both…

Form 3L

3.5/5 (30 votes)
Form 3L From 10,000€
The Form 3L is part of the latest generation of 3D printers from leading SLA manufacturer…


Natural Robotics
4.2/5 (19 votes)
VIT From 5,000€
Natural Robotics is a young Spanish seedling that has launched a low-cost SLS 3D printer, the…

Tevo Tornado

Artec 3D
4.2/5 (10 votes)
Tevo Tornado From 2,000€
The TEVO Tornado printer is one of the Chinese manufacturer TEVO’s machines. Since 2015, the company…

ProMaker P1000 X

3.5/5 (3 votes)
ProMaker P1000 X From 250,000€
French manufacturer Prodways Tech is an expert in additive manufacturing and has developed several professional machines…

Kiwi 3D

4.3/5 (3 votes)
Kiwi 3D From 2,000€
Capable of printing 100 micron layers, the Kiwi 3D is available as a kit or already…

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