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3.4/5 (17 votes)
MAGIC-HT-M From 2,000€
The 3D printer MAGIC-HT-M is an FDM printer developed by the Asian manufacturer IEMAI 3D, which…

Buccaneer 3D

Pirate 3D
Buccaneer 3D From 500€
Designed to be intuitive, the 3D Buccaneer is delivered fully assembled and calibrated. The Buccaneer is…

Replicator Z18

3.5/5 (139 votes)
Replicator Z18 From 500€
The Replicator Z18 is the professional version of the 3D printers offered by MakerBot. It astonishes…

uPrint SE

3D Systems
2.5/5 (24 votes)
uPrint SE From 10,000€
The uPrint SE 3D Printer is part of the Stratasys Idea Series. Thanks to proven Stratasys…

Felix 3.0 Assemblée

Felix Printers
3.7/5 (23 votes)
Felix 3.0 Assemblée From 2,000€
The Felix 2.0 3D printer from Felix Printers is a RepRap printer available as a kit…
LulzBot Mini From 2,000€
The Lulzbot Mini is a 3D printer made by American manufacturer Lulzbot, a subsidiary of Aleph…

ProJet Max

3D Systems
From 499€
The 3D Systems 3600 series offers professionals high production capacity and exceptional manufacturing speeds. This allows…

Simple Metal

3.6/5 (22 votes)
Simple Metal From 500€
The Simple Metal is the first all-metal 3D printer by Printrbot. It includes an auto leveling…
Price on demand
With the Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus, the Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Anycubic launched an oversized and…
From 2,000€
3D Systems, the American manufacturer of 3D printing solutions, was founded in 1986 by Chuck Hull.…

Epsilon W50

4.4/5 (10 votes)
Epsilon W50 From 5,000€
The Epsilon W50 is a professional 3D printer launched in 2020 by manufacturer BCN3D Technologies. Based…


Xact Metal
4.3/5 (7 votes)
XM200 From 100,000€
Xact Metal is an American 3D printing startup setup in 2017 to enter the metal 3D…

RoBo 3D – Modèle PLA

Robo 3D
3.5/5 (37 votes)
RoBo 3D – Modèle PLA From 2,000€
The 3D RoBo 3D – PLA Model is a project that was created thanks to the…

Objet30 Prime

3.2/5 (25 votes)
Objet30 Prime Price on demand
The Objet 30 uses polyjetting technology and can handle 12 different materials, from fixed-opaque to heat-resistant…

FormUp 350

3.7/5 (11 votes)
FormUp 350 From 500,000€
AddUp are a metal 3D printer manufacturer based in France, formed in 2015 as a join…

Stream 30 Dual MK2

3.6/5 (141 votes)
Stream 30 Dual MK2 From 2,000€
The Volumic Stream 30 Dual is a 100% French 3D printer based on filament deposition technology.…

Onyx One

3.6/5 (16 votes)
Onyx One From 10,000€
The Markforged Onyx range makes it possible to manufacture carbon fiber parts, a material known for…


Bits from Bytes
2.8/5 (18 votes)
3DTouch From 2,000€
The 3DTouch 3D printer from Bits from Bytes is a Plug & Play printer that can…

Jet Fusion 4200

3.7/5 (74 votes)
Jet Fusion 4200 Price on demand
Jet Fusion is the proprietary additive manufacturing technology with which HP has entered the world of…

Ultimaker 2 Extended+

3.8/5 (159 votes)
Ultimaker 2 Extended+ From 2,000€
The Ultimaker 2 Extended + is the new version of the Ultimaker 2 Extended, which was…

LulzBot AO-101

2.4/5 (5 votes)
LulzBot AO-101 From 500€
The LulzBot AO-101 is no longer distributed by Aleph Objects. The printer came with a Micro…

Sigma R19

4.0/5 (306 votes)
Sigma R19 From 500€
The 3D Sigma printer from the Spanish manufacturer BCN3D Technologies is a Plug & Play printer…

Factory 2.0

3.8/5 (9 votes)
From 499€
The Factory 2.0 production system is a solution for anyone looking to optimise costs and production…

Solido SD300 Pro

3.5/5 (26 votes)
Solido SD300 Pro From 5,000€
The 3D Solido SD300 Pro is a Plug & Play printer capable of printing up to…

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