Founded in 2000, the Chinese company UnionTech is one of the pioneers in resin 3D printing. It has developed several additive manufacturing machines based on different processes: SLA, DLP and LCD. The manufacturer’s solutions are already being implemented in various industries, such as consumer goods, medical and footwear. Among its outstanding machines is the OnFocux600, an industrial 3D printer based on stereolithography (SLA) technology, where a laser is used to photopolymerize parts layer by layer.

OnFocux600 features

The OnFocux600 is an industrial SLA 3D printer designed to enable faster and more affordable manufacturing for prototyping, supporting small batch production. Compatible with a wide variety of resins, the OnFocux600 supports the creation of thousands of parts every day, making small batch production of 3D printed parts a reality.

It features a maximum printing volume of 600 x 600 x 400mm, an outside size of 1375 x 1295 x 1930 mm and a weight of 850 kg. Finally, the machine is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system and the patented UnionTech™ RSCON control and data preparation software.