Stratasys offers a whole range of different solutions with its 3D printers. Whether for prototyping, dental industry or medicine, renowned printers such as the J5 MediJet, J850 Digital Anatomy or the Origin One Dental are included in this list. With the Objet30, the American-Israeli manufacturer is presenting, alongside the Objet30 Prime and Objet30 Pro, a printer that impresses its users particularly on account of its compactness and its ability to simultaneously print with five different materials at once. Among the materials that can be used are transparent, opaque polypropylene, high-temperature, biocompatible and rubber-like materials. This makes it particularly suitable for prototyping consumer products – even on a low budget.

Details of the Objet30

The 3D printer’s PolyJet-based technology may seem small due to its size but it excels in performance. The small footprint required for the 3D printer still allows users to produce a 3D print that not only has tremendous precision and detail down to 0.1mm, but at the same time, the three different print modes – Draft, High Speed, and High Quality – promise strong performance from the Objet30.

With the Objet30, the user is able to produce high-resolution 3D prints due in no small part to the 28-micron layers. With this desktop 3D printer is accordingly also aimed at product design agencies, service providers, engineering and consulting firms. Here, you can place the Objet30 on your desk without any worries, since it does not produce any toxic fumes or loud noises according to the manufacturer, and thus proves to be absolutely suitable for office use.