3D print medical devices that require prolonged skin contact, such as ear impressions or surgical guides. Prototype seals, gaskets and closures. Objet30 Prime offers 12 different materials that allow you to create accurate consumer product prototypes from smooth-surfaced, flexible components right from a desktop. Launched in 2014 by manufacturer Stratasys, the machine is intended to be versatile and aimed at professionals.

Features of the Objet30 Prime

The 3D printer, which has a print volume of 294 x 192 x 148 mm, is based on the Polyjet process. This technology, which offers its users the possibility to quickly produce visual and aesthetic prototypes, allows the Objet30 Prime to support no less than 12 materials. This wide range of materials, including rigid opaque materials, elastomers and polypropylenes, enables the machine to perform a variety of applications, including medical device design and prototyping of gaskets, seals and closures quickly and efficiently. The Objet30 Prime is quiet and has three modes of operation and is designed to be versatile: high quality mode, high speed mode and the new draft mode, a fast and economical mode exclusive to the Objet30 Prime.

The American manufacturer has also developed a version of the 3D printer specifically dedicated to the dental sector. Called Objet30 Dental Prime, it is designed to allow laboratories to 3D print precision dental models in-house and avoid outsourcing costs while streamlining the workflow.