The NXE 200 3D printer is an ultra fast professional resin 3D printer developed by Nexa3D. It is a solution that relies on LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing) technology, a patented process that is based on photopolymerization and enables users to peel the part away from the build part more easily thanks to a self-lubricated, flexible membrane. It is ideal for all designers, engineers and manufacturers who need a fast, accurate and cost-effective method of prototyping and production. Additionally, the 3D printer is reportedly 6.5 times faster than other resin machines on the market.

Features of the NXE 200 3D Printer

The NXE 200 has a print volume of 275 x 155 x 200 mm or 10.8 x 6.1 x 7.8 inch (which is smaller than its sister, the NXE 400) and a maximum resolution of 4K thanks to its high-quality LCD screen. This resin 3D printer should be ideal for producing ultra-realistic prototypes as well as finished parts with extremely fine details. Indeed, Nexa3D highlights that the printer could be considered an affordable industrial 3D printer thanks to its vast production capabilities.

Moreover, the NXE 200 can count on a wide portfolio of compatible materials thanks to Nexa3D’s strong partnerships with suppliers such as Henkel and BASF. Thanks to this, the possible applications are multiplied tenfold and the user can count on quality resins with properties that meet their requirements.

The user is also be able to rely on the xCURE and xWASH post-processing solutions that ensure consistent mechanical properties. The xWASH cleaning machine fits perfectly into the total print volume of the 3D printer and can hold two trays simultaneously to increase the efficiency of the production process.