Poland manufacturer Sinterit specializes in the production of SLS 3D printers. In addition to their compact line of 3D printers, which include the Lisa, Lisa X and Lisa PRO models, the manufacturer has also launched on an industrial printer called the NILS 480. This industrial SLS 3D printer is said to enable users to print parts of the highest quality with a cost-effective system and also features a higher level of automation than before. Added to this is the reinvented productivity offered by the NILS 480: with this SLS 3D printer, two printing operations can take place in quick succession. In concrete terms, this means that after the end of the first printing process, the second process can start immediately, even before the first 3D printed part has been unloaded.

Features of the NILS 480 SLS 3D Printer

Sinterit has particularly focused on increasing efficiency when it comes to its industrial NILS 480, because the NILS 480 has a closed powder circuit, which circulates the powder and thus automates the powder dosing. For the user, this means that no manual work is required with the powder until the finished printing cake is obtained. The printer is also fast, thanks to the Glavo laser scanning system which allows most jobs to be finished within 24 hours.

Furthermore,  the printer has a printing area of 200 x 200 x 330 mm allowing for both series of smaller parts or larger parts, meeting the industrial market standard for size and enabling users to print more at lower prices per part. Sinterit’s SLS 3D printer offers a total of 32 parameters that can be adjusted to your personal application needs in terms of printing characteristics, meaning that users can experience the best quality and personalization depending on the material used and the design of the part. NILS 480 also convinces with a wide range of usable materials as well as the fact that the return on investment with Sinterit’s 3D printer is achieved in less than 40 days. This is achieved through the combination of the larger print bed size and the maximum print speed.