Stratasys offers machines based on the stereolithography process that are part of the Neo line. Among the latter is the Neo800, an industrial resin 3D printer that offers interesting features for many manufacturers. It is the solution that offers the largest print volume in the range, more precision and high speed.

Neo800 Features

While most resin 3D printers offer a fairly small printing volume, this is not the case with the Neo800! Indeed, its printing volume is 800 x 800 x 600 mm. It is therefore ideal for manufacturing large parts with a good surface quality and fine details. Moreover, it integrates a beam distribution system which allows to obtain a great dimensional accuracy.

As for materials, the Stratasys Neo800 printer is open and compatible with all 355 nm SL resins available on the market today. The user can thus benefit from more options and widen the range of applications.