The new Geeetech Mizar S auto-leveling printer belongs to the Mizar series from the Chinese manufacturer Geeetech. This is mainly known for its affordable 3D printers, which are also suitable for beginners. This printer series also includes the Mizar DIY Printer 3.5, among others.

The new Geeetech Mizar S auto-leveling printer was developed after collecting feedback from many different 3D printers. This has solved most of the problems encountered with other similar printers. The Mizar S Auto-leveling has a build volume of 255*255*260mm and a double Z-axis screw, which can effectively improve the print quality and make your models more delicate.

The features of the Mizar S Auto-Leveling 3D Printer

the Greeetech Mizar S Auto-Leveling 3D printer has a dual leveling system that enables ABL automatic bed leveling technology at the touch of a button. It is also equipped with a high-precision leveling sensor, so there is no need for external leveling accessories such as BL Touch. Mizar S Auto-leveling has also developed GML manual leveling mode, which is suitable for beginners, amateurs and specialists.The print bed adopts a fully fixed design, the aluminum plate is fixed to the bracket with 12 screws, so you only need to adjust the height of the nozzle when leveling.

The sturdy magnetic printing platform has a steel plate design, which provides stronger adhesion and easier removal of the finished 3D models. The Mizar S motherboard uses a powerful 32-bit MCU with fast printing speed. The TMC2208 silent driver can effectively reduce the noise of the stepper motor than Atmega2560, the printing noise does not exceed 50 dBs, so you and others will not be disturbed at work. The 3D printer also pauses automatically if the power connection is interrupted or filament runs out. However, the printing progress is saved, which makes it possible to resume printing after the error is corrected.