Since the launch of its first 3D printer, the Titan 1, Kudo3D has specialized in designing and manufacturing printers that are particularly simple, but at the same time robust, durable and easy to clean. The result of this effort is the Micro, in addition to the Titan 3 and Bean Plus 3D printers. As the name of the 3D printer suggests, this Kudo3D model is an extremely small and compact 3D printer weighing only 20 kg. However, the Micro 3D printer is industrial-grade and also features motorized zoom and focus. In addition, with the Micro, users benefit from its optimized UVA object.

Features of the Micro

With a build volume of 15 x 15 x 150 mm, users can benefit from a pixel size of at least 15 μm, while the minimum layer thickness is 5 μm – but here it also depends on the resins used and the exposed area. As for the material to be used with the micro, there is no need to worry about compatibility, as the user can resort to Kudo3D’s 3DSR resin, on the one hand, or that of an external supplier. To store the resin, it is a container drum with VBT.