The Method X 3D printer was launched in 2019 by the American company MakerBot. Based on FDM technology, this desktop 3D printer has some really professional and interesting features for many users in the industry. This latest development is closer to the industry trends and marks the comeback of the American manufacturer. But what are the features of the Method X and what is the CFE version?

Characteristics of the Method X 3D printer

This machine is intended for a professional audience. Its extrusion volume is 152 x 190 x 196 mm in case of double extrusion, and 190 x 190 x 196 x 196 mm in case of using a single extruder. It incorporates a camera inside and a color screen for easy operation and control of the manufacturing process. In terms of materials, the Method X is compatible with standard filaments (PLA, ABS), soluble filaments (PVA) and more advanced engineering thermoplastics such as PETG, ASA, PC or nylon.

The Method X 3D printer excels in print performance, precision, reliability and dimensional accuracy. With the Method X, you can print up to 2 times faster than with standard desktop 3D printers. This allows you to speed up the process from initial design to final printed object and optimize your design workflow. Plus, with “MakerBot Mobile,” you can monitor and control your Method X from anywhere.