The manufacturer Asiga has developed the MAX X range, which includes three resin 3D printers, specifically using the DLP process. The MAX X27, MAX X35 and MAX X43 solutions have the same technical characteristics, the only difference being the printing volume and resolution they offer. The technical specifications below are for the MAX X27, with the largest volume offered being 82.3 × 46.4 × 75 mm.

Features of the MAX X

The MAX X resin 3D printer works via the DLP process, which uses a video projector to polymerize the liquid resin. This makes it possible to gain in speed while offering a high quality of printing. Photopolymerization is indeed appreciated for its level of details. If we look at the technical characteristics of the MAX X range, you should know that the machines have a resolution between 27µm and 43µm – hence the name of the different 3D printers; the Max X 27 has a very small pixel image, resulting in detailed output. These are connected via an ethernet cable or wifi.

All three machines are equipped with a 385nm UV LED that allows them to process a wider range of materials, even transparent ones. Users can also count on finer details.

In terms of materials, the MAX X machines are open solutions, which means they are compatible with other resins than those offered by Asiga. The user can count on a catalog of over 500 resins. The 3D printer is also supplied with a kilo of material, a printing plate, a calibration kit and access to the manufacturer’s Composer software. Aside from tangible goods, the MAX X comes with 12 months manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime of technical support.