Based in China, UnionTech has quickly made a name for itself in the additive manufacturing market. It offers a wide range of professional and industrial 3D printers based on different 3D printing processes, such as photopolymerization and powder bed fusion. Its resin machines include solutions using a laser or LCD display. The Matrix range uses an LCD screen to harden successive layers of liquid resin. The Martrix190 and Martrix520 models differ in their print volume.

Features of the Martrix520

The Martrix520 is a resin solution with a print volume of 298 x 165 x 320. It weighs 68 kilograms and measures 515 x 560 x 970, making it larger than the other models in the range. The 3D printer is equipped with a large display that allows users to select their parameters, monitor the print in progress and facilitate their workflow. The Martrix520 creates 50-micron layers, with a resolution of 48 microns.

As for the possible applications of this machine, they are very varied, as it is capable of creating dental models, decorative parts, as well as tooling and more industrial parts. It is also suitable for creating models for the footwear industry.