Founded in 2013 in Massachusetts, the American company Markforged develops and designs 3D solutions for industrial companies. With customers such as Google, Amazon, General Electric or Ford, the company is now one of the main players in the sector. After unveiling in 2016 one of the first 3D printers capable of extruding carbon fiber-based filaments, Markforged continues to innovate in 3D printers. Among its flagship machines is the Mark X5, a machine that has been on the market since 2017. The Mark X5 is part of the range of industrial printers developed by the company which also includes the Mark X3.

Features of the Mark X5

With a print volume of 330 × 270 × 200 mm, the Mark X5 is designed for professionals in a variety of industries. According to the manufacturer, the machine can print fiberglass-reinforced parts that are 10 times stronger than ABS, capable of replacing some machined aluminum parts. The manufacturer adds that the 3D printer offers laser scanning with micron-level accuracy for closed-loop calibration and is able to reliably produce parts with high repeatability and near-perfect surface finish. In addition, the Mark X5 incorporates a material sensor to identify the amount of material used and inform the user when the filament is running low.

To simplify user experience as much as possible, Markforged’s machine features a 4.3-inch touchscreen and also has a very accurate auto-leveling feature. In terms of durability, it is optimized to resist wear and tear from carbon microfiber-filled nylon filaments and can maintain print quality for thousands of hours.