Founded in 2013, Markforged is an American 3D printer manufacturer that has now made a name for itself among industrialists. Thanks to its machines which are geared towards the professional world and applications, the company now counts some of the world’s largest corporations, including Google, Amazon and Ford, among its customers. And to meet the needs of different industries, in 2017 the company launched the “Industrial Series” range, including the Mark X3, the Mark X5 and the Mark X7. The first in the series, the Mark X3 has been designed to be able to support professionals during their production stages.

Features of the Mark X3

With a print volume of 330 x 270 x 200 mm, the Mark X3 has been designed to ensure quality large format prints. According to the manufacturer, the machine is ideal for tooling needs as well as for designing functional parts. Allowing for printing using a wide variety of print modes, the machine features a resolution of 50 μm and offers very high quality parts without visible layer lines. The Mark X3 using the CFF (Continuous Filament Fabrication) technology, which was developed and patented by Markforged, and thanks to this the 3D printer is capable of printing parts reinforced with different fibers. Compatible with the Onyx range of materials, also developed by the manufacturer, the Mark X3 supports materials loaded with micro carbon and therefore offers the possibility of manufacturing very resistant parts.

Finally, when it comes to design, Markforged’s software comes with the printer and about it, the manufacturer explains, “Design your part, upload it into our browser-based software, select from a wide range of Composite Base materials and Continuous Fibers, and hit print. It’s that simple.”