The MAGIC-HT-PRO professional 3D printer is an FDM printer developed by the Chinese company IEMAI 3D. It has a wide range of compatible materials. The applications are also varied can can be found in a number of industries including the automotive, aerospace and medical technologies. The solutions are also used in the electrical and oil industries. MAGIC-HT-PRO has a removable dual print head and can reach a processing temperature of 500°C. This gives you the possibility to use most polymers on the market, but especially special technical materials like PEEK, PEAK, PEKK, PPSU, ULTEM, etc. This is especially important considering that there are fewer printers available on the market which are compatible with these types of high-performance polymers.

Features of the MAGIC-HT-PRO

The MAGIC-HT-PRO 3D printer has a printing volume of 310 x 310 x 410 mm, the size of the machine is 702 × 625 × 800 mm and it offers a printing speed of 150 mm/sec. The chamber temperature can reach 120ºC, while the printing plate can reach 200ºC. During use, you also get a liquid cooling system and the 3D printer warns you when there is only a small amount of filament left. In addition to the functions already mentioned, it offers automatic cleaning of the extruder and the possibility of restoring the process in case of a power failure.

As for the 3D software, the manufacturer recommends using the company’s own slicer, IEMAI3D EXPERT. However, the 3D printer is also compatible with other software such as Cura, Prusa, S3D or Simplify3D.